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These products are designed to control odors for 30 days. Both the Kleen Screen and Kleen Rim Basket contain a unique formula of acid, quaternary ammonia, bluing and fragrance. This engineered blend of ingredients helps to dissolve uric salts, mineral deposits and water scale. Kleen Rim baskets clean and deodorize any standard toilet. The blue water tint assures that the system is working.

Model # Description Color Size
163 Deod-O-Screen w/ 30 day built-in deodorant. Fits all urinals. Red/Blue 8" x 7 1/2"
165 Kleen Screen w/ blue block 7 1/8" x 7 3/4" x 1 1/4"
166 Kleen Screen basket 3 3/8" x 2 1/8" x 3 3/8"
167 Deluxe Round deodorant block 3 oz.
Kleen Tech Odor and Insect Control Systems Control Systems

A new development in room deodorizers, this new formulation demonstrates the performance you've grown to expect from a dry type air freshener. Superior bloom and suspension time, ultra fine particle size and no fall out or residues. This incredibly dry type spray uses no ozone depleters and contains less than 30% total VOC content. The KleenTech aerosol is an effective odor neutralizer without heavy fragrances. Subtle fragances are ideal for use in commercial office settings, schools, institutions, healthcare, restaurants, hotels, motels, gyms, locker rooms, meeting halls, rest rooms, etc. The powerful odor counteractants of KleenTech are highly effective against heavy cigarette or cigar smoke, cooking odors, odors from debris and decay, urine, feces, animal smells, vomit, chemical odors, etc. KleenTech's non-proprietary actuator fits most available metered aerosol dispensers available today. Delivering a measured spray in an ultra fine mist, freshening rooms up to 6,000 cubic feet.

KleenTech Multifunction Dispenser

  • Real Time Clock
  • 1-60 Minute Spray Intervals
  • Programmable Start & Stop
  • LED Indicator
  • Refill Reminder
  • On/Off Switch
  • Fits Most Metered Aerosols
  • Key or Keyless Lock
  • Chemical Resistant Plastic Body
  • 3400 Sprays (30 days)
  • Effective in rooms up to 6000 cubic feet
  • Replaceable Electronic Cartridge
Standard KleenTech
  • Refill Reminder
  • Fits Most Metered Aerosols
  • Chemical Resistant Body
  • 3400 Sprays (30 days)
  • Effective in rooms up to 6000 cubic feet
  • 15 minute cycle only

Part # 1191-Beige

KleenTech Fragrances

7 oz. with universal actuator. Dual odor counteractants. 3400 metered sprays.

1181- Floral
1182-Nautical Mist
1183- Garden Apple
1184- Baby Powder
1185- Odor Neutralizer
1186- Lemon
1187- Cinnamon
1171- Insecticide-EPA approved Pyrethrin
Intro Pack
Contains 3 aerosols: Floral, Garden Apple, and Cinnamon, plus one white KleenTech Multifunction dispenser.

Part # 1189

KleenAire System

KleenAire Cabinet

Fan model, no switch, D-cell batteries (not included).

Part # 100

Multifunction KleenAire Cabinet

Fan, switch, LED and light sensor, D-cell batteries (not included).

Part # 101MF

Neutralizer Gels

2-3/4" Diameter

104- Cinnamon
105- Garden Apple
106- Lemon-Lime
107- Wild Flower

Wick Deodorants

Just pull up the wick and smell the fresh fragrance. These deodorants continually freshen the air via evaporation. In 1-1/2 oz sizes with spillproof cap, includes 1 cabinet per dozen. Available in a wide range of fragances: Cinnamon, Cherry, Citrus, Neutral, and Lemon.

Wall Blocks

Controls odors up to 60 days. Hang above the door for best results. The perfect complement to urinal and bowl blocks. In 16 oz., 24 oz., and 20 lb. blocks.

Number Size Description
16HU 16 oz. Wall Block
24HU 24 oz. Wall Block
I-20 20 lb. Wall Block

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